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Our award-winning Director of Residential Construction is your go-to guy for your basement project.



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Construction can be confusing, so at BiiLT, we developed our own unique formula for seamless project delivery. This four-phase process ensures peace of mind and a delightful building experience for you and your family.

Wooden Floor
Kitchen with Marble Island

Phase 1 begins when you contact BiiLT to request a quote for your project. We will get to know you and learn about your vision, then our experts will create a design and plan to bring that vision to life. We'll create an estimate and proposal for you, then fine-tune the design until you're totally happy. For this phase, you'll be working with Scott and his team -- they are the best in the business!


project design


Phase 2 begins after we have executed an agreement and received a project deposit from you. This is where the fun really starts! Our Preconstruction Manager will coach you through the selection process so you can choose your paint colors, flooring, trim and any other details for your project. Once this is complete, we will develop your project schedule and onboard you into our digital platform so you can have 24/7 access to your project's progress, right from our app!


Selections &


Phase 3 is the actual building process. You'll meet Brent, our Production Director, and his amazing team of carpenters and trade partners. Brent and his team will keep you updated on progress and scheduling and will ensure safety and quality control during the entire construction process. Brent will take care of scheduling inspections, coordinating deliveries and all the moving pieces that go along with successful delivery of a construction project.


project delivery

Phase 4 is our favorite part - this is where we get to unveil your project and see your smile as we walk through your new space with you. Whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, new custom home or finished basement, this final walk through, or "ribbon cutting" never gets old. We also enroll you into our "BiiLT for Life Membership" program, which formalizes your warranty and provides special perks like credits toward follow-up projects and products as well as exclusive access to our "customer alumni" referral and bonus program.


Ribbon cutting &

"biiLT for life" membership


"We found BiiLT and couldn't be more happy with the results. I would recommend them to anyone for their next project."

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